Stain and Refinishing Oil - Natural
Fusion Mineral Paint

Stain and Refinishing Oil - Natural

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Fusion Mineral Paint Stain and Finishing Oil (SFO) is a conditioner, stain and topcoat combination that offers exceptional durability in high traffic areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets and even flooring. This easy to use product can be used on bare wood or over previously painted surfaces.

The pigment in it stains your wood accentuating the grain. SFO is a combination of natural oils and resins that penetrate into wood fibres to create a durable, scratch resistant, waterproof finish. It does not leave a surface film that sits on top, but instead soaks into and becomes part of your wood. Over Fusion  Mineral Paint,  we recommend removing excess right away, as the SFO will not soak in and may leave a sticky finish that takes a few days to dry.

Our special blend is highly concentrated in pigment, so a little goes a long way. The 237 ml container will cover the same area as 1 litre of comparable stains giving you 2-3 times more coverage than water-based stains.
Coverage :approx 40-75 sq ft, Finish: satin to gloss, Dry time 9hrs approx, Cure time 10 days approximately. 

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